Neck and Neck

Now that I’m finding a bit of time here and there to be working on models again, I have to remember where I was when I left off! I am lucky to have Laura Skillern’s excellent three part tutorial on necks (Necking, Off With His Head, and Recapitation) because I suddenly find myself in progress on a bunch of tricksy necks.

Her explanation of the movement of neck bones was particularly helpful, because it showed me-before I got any further-how incorrectly short my head down mare’s neck is:

I knew something looked funky…

Laura’s tutorial helped me to see that really it should sort of look “too long” because the neck vertebrae are all stretched out in that position, creating length. I did this quick mock up of the necessary changes:

If only moving parts was this easy in epoxy!

I realized that the correct neck design also requires that the withers come forward a bit. And while I’m dremeling her to pieces, I’ll be bringing her supporting hind legs quite a bit more under the body to support her weight realistically. Sigh. This poor mare…

I’ll be tackling her when I have ample time to give. Meanwhile, I’m sanding and smoothing and fixing little nit picks on my next crop who are waiting patiently in their primer for the beginning of color.

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