I slept in this morning and then spent a lovely day working on my ponies. I took over our kitchen island and it was grand. And yet…

It seems I am stuck in this perpetual nit-picking stage with some of these horses. All of my work today was slight enough to be nearly imperceptible. Lots of sanding and slight changes that didn’t really feel like progress.

My Tiger Horse mare got mane and tail details, had her sculpted on shoes removed, and got basic hoof detailing. She still needs eyes (potentially with scelera) and some hoof striping.

Weasel got some acrylic details too, which mainly showed me that he needs more pastel work. Sigh.

Typhoid Mary got her sculpted feathers removed and her lower legs detailed. The shaggy fetlocks were making her legs strange and fat and her hooves look tiny.

Another layer of primer goes on. Most of these guys still need sanding and more primer in a place or too. I feel like they’ve been in this stage forever! I think the mule (top left) is finally ready to start with some color. He’s only been in progress since, oh, April 2010.

Does anyone have tips on primering? I feel like my horses either get too much thickness or not enough coverage is needed areas, particularly when I have a horse that is already white, gets sanded in one area, and then needs coverage just there. I also have trouble with those hard to read places like inner fetlocks. Thoughts?

Today was my special pony day. Tonight I’m driving down to go see my horse. Tomorrow I’ll ride (yay!) and then in the afternoon I’m driving some friends to the Humane Society to adopt their first kitty. Hopefully my work schedule will change soon so I’ll actually have some free afternoons. That would be really nice.

2 responses to “Nitpicking

  1. I’m in love with Weasel! So cute and such a lovely baby bay colour.
    I have no ideas about priming sadly, I have the same problems like you, usually. Your white herd looks most promising.

  2. Ditto the love on Weasel! ^^

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