Robyn and Leah Go on a Trail Ride

On Saturday morning my friend Robyn and I loaded our horses into the trailer and set off.

The horses loaded easily but as usual, Cochise stomped during the ride. He is just a big lovable turd like that.

Portia the dog led the way. Robyn is riding Estelle, a gorgeous rose grey Welara mare who she uses in her lesson program. All of the daisies were blooming along the trail.

At lunchtime, Cochise decided that the best grass was that which was furthest away. He particularly liked to eat the thistle flowers and the wild rose bushes.

We got happily lost-on-purpose and climbed up a big hill. It was a beautiful clear day and we could look down and see all across the forested valleys.

What a lovely ride!

2 responses to “Robyn and Leah Go on a Trail Ride

  1. Awww, that looks like such a nice day for a ride!

  2. Hey buddy, just found this post. I think with fondness back to that day often. When can you come get lost in the forest with me again?!
    We break ground on the barn Monday. Squee!

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