Winsome Weekend

This last weekend was just lovely. During my two days off I added belly hair to my fuzzy pony…

…built a simple, collapsible light box…

…took some new show photos…

…and drooled over the photos trickling in from Breyerfest!

photo by ventanapintar (webshots)

I also have a new hobby: scratching my poison oak from last week’s trail ride.

I’ll continue posting progress pictures of my haired pony as I go, but all the step-by-step photos will wait until the end. I will also be posting a simple tutorial for the light box, which was not only cheap but also pretty easy to make.

Itching for more Breyerfest news and photos? Check out the forum on Blab and this great webshots album. I’ve also really been enjoying this thread on famous vintage customs.

EDIT 7/19: here’s another great webshots album of the open show.

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