Happy August Show Results

I am pretty sure that my customs, for the most part, would not be considered LSQ by today’s high standards. There aren’t that many shows in my area (and I won’t spend the time or money to travel very far) so I haven’t had many chances to test the theory. It is the advent of online photo showing that has allowed me to frequently show my horses and test my customizing skills and horse knowledge against fellow hobbyists.


There is something extremely satisfying about completing a new custom and having it win. I don’t know any (active) hobbyists and my husband judges my models based mostly on whether or not it’s a bay, so it’s nice to have an outside eye (or two) tell me that I did a good job with all those hours I spent on the horse.

This August’s IMEHA results are in and I am delighted to see that three of my newer customs won their breed classes. My POA mare Diamond, whose roany-leopard coat is extremely difficult to photograph, won the Stock Pony Mare or Gelding class and was 4th out of 20 in the Leopard Appaloosa class. Rahija (formerly Nettie Perle), my PS Pebbles Arabian, won the large Arabian Mare class and was 5th out of 29 for Little Bit or Classic Sized Simple Repaints.

I am particularly pleased about Nightfox’s win in the Morgan Mare or Gelding class. I hemmed and hawed quite a bit about his breed assignment, and finally decided to show him as a Morgan Sport Horse. Morgan Sport horses are 100% Morgan but bred and used for sport events like eventing, dressage, and jumping. They tend toward the more warmblood-esque look rather than the super light breed Park Morgan style, or the very stocky Old Style Morgan. I guess the judge agreed with me.

Nightfox's color is actually based on my friend's Morgan mare, Charlotte

On a less successful note, I realized mid-hike this weekend that my recently completed customs are all lacking chestnuts. SIGH. Another camping trip epiphany involves yet another customizing project that I may just have to start.

2 responses to “Happy August Show Results

  1. Wow, Nightfox looks great! I will have to show Malia – she will be excited to see her Charlotte’s color replicated.

  2. Oooh, congrats! Nightfox is gorgeous! (and brilliantly named too) I’m with you on the lack of chestnuts though – I ALWAYS forget to add them…

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