In the Works: English Saddle 2.0

I am honored to have been asked by Anna Kirby of Dreamflite Design to test out her upcoming English Saddle tutorial. It’s a revised version of the one I’ve previously raved about, with lots of super cool techniques and tips. I haven’t had a lot of free time on my hands but I did manage to at least get started on the saddle which means skiving, skiving, and more skiving!

Skiving remnants in my work tray

I didn’t have a gel pen but discovered that a white charcoal pencil works pretty well for tracing patterns onto leather. I recommend acquiring one or the other for your tack tool box (both are inexpensive and available at art supply stores.)

Although cutting on glass does make for more precise cuts, it also means potentially breaking said glass during moments of clumsiness.

I do NOT recommend cutting your thumb open on the now broken piece of glass. Always cover the edges in masking or duct tape immediately. Or resign yourself to adding Band-aids to your tack making supplies.

10 responses to “In the Works: English Saddle 2.0

  1. Ouch. Duly noted on the glass cutting board thing. I really need to stop using a glass cutting board.

  2. Ouch! That looks painful. Fingers crossed you only needed to make one libation for the duration of the saddle!

  3. Ouch! But why do you use glass cutting boards? I’m using my cuter mat and a small board made of melamin (very hard and slick material).
    Glas will dull your sharp tools too!
    I finished my saddle with the help of the same tutorial and I’m curious how yours will turn out! ;-))

    • I didn’t know about cutter mats- and I’m always doing things super cheap and already had the glass. The melamin sounds like a good investment, particularly since otherwise it sounds like I’ll just be buying knife blades more often. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I would really recommend getting a cutter mat! Like this one (just an example):;jsessionid=D55AD3F1AD5EF39488060940C111E34E.a5p2?CATID=cat3545&PRODID=prd791736
    The melamin board is optional but quite helpful for skiving. The cutter mat is not good for skiving!

    • I will definitely have to pick up one of the cheaper cutting mats next time I’m at a craft store. And anything that would make skiving easier would be a good buy- where did you find you melamin board?

  5. Excellent! Thank you!

  6. You can find these melamine boards in stores with kitchen supplies as these boards are meant to be cutting boards or boards for breakfast. ;-)

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