Slow Progress, and more handy tips from Anna

Slowly, between work and chores and something like a social life, I’ve been getting some model horse things done.

Weasel, my drastic custom Safari Arabian foal, was finally finished and went to his new home.

Finally finished!

I continued working on my English saddle and got some more great tack tips from Dreamflite Designs blog. It’s a tiny saddle but the process makes a big mess…

If you look close you can see the seat and flaps of the saddle sitting on the computer.

Meanwhile, the results from the Model Horse Blab Summer Photo Show are up, and Doublet was second in European Warmblood– losing only to the Custom Division Overall Reserve Champion. None of my other placings were too exciting but I did get some nice comments, particularly about my documentation.

This weekend is all about relaxation! So hopefully the ponies will come out to play at least one afternoon.

One response to “Slow Progress, and more handy tips from Anna

  1. Eeee, that little foal looks so soft! ^^
    Congrats on the second place too! :D

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