Ask the Audience: Fjords

This summer I found and fell in love with a photo of a Fjord stallion, and set about almost immediately into making a portrait of him. I am using the G3 Highland Pony, but am now reconsidering the mold’s appropriateness as a Fjord.

My inspiration

I started researching Fjord conformation and breed standards. I did learn that i need to increase his heart girth, and I intend also to enlarge his cheek bones which will shorten his muzzle. I will broaden his forehead and shrink and resculpt his ears. But now the looming question is… do I need to bulk up his entire body and legs?

Fjords are pony sized, but built more like draft horses. Their legs have substantial bone and muscle, in addition to their thick neck and chest and deep girth. Here is Prydarson, the highest scored Fjord stallion in North America:

And here is my work in progress:

I would love to get some thoughts on this. I don’t particularly want to start on a total body-building with this guy- I’ve got plenty of work left on him as is. What do you think?

6 responses to “Ask the Audience: Fjords

  1. You know what mold might work? The G1 drafter. That dude is bulky and stubby and surely wouldn’t need as much work. Though I suppose he might be TOO bulky…

  2. i have one of them….i think he might be a bit too bulky, as you say Robyn…this guy your working on could lose the feathers i think…and yes, add more to his girth, that would flatten out the front of the stomach and look more like the horse in the second pic…

    but i think it will look VERY cool when your done!!!!!

    • Definitely the feathers will come off- and I’ll take care not to make his cannons any smaller when I do it. Maybe I’ll do that, build up his girth, and re-evaluate. Although I am also now considering making him a Dartmoor, Kerry Bog Pony, or Icelandic Pony, since those may suit him better. But I need to decide before I sculpt his mane and tail!

  3. oh and also, if you don’t mind me asking, what is it you use for resculpting??? i am trying to find soemthing i can use as bog (for cars etc!!) is just not workable enough…

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