Feathers Tutorial from FriesianFury Studio

A gentle giant featuring furry feet. Photo by Jennifer Buxton.

Sara of FriesianFury Studio just posted a great tutorial on sculpting feathers for model horses. I particularly appreciate the many photos included to show the steps in her technique. Her method of building a “base” for the feathers before trying to sculpt the hair is applicable for a lot of other sculpting, too.

It’s funny to re-post this today because one of my activities today is dremelling off the OF feathers from my Highland Pony turned Fjord. Now where are my goggles…

4 responses to “Feathers Tutorial from FriesianFury Studio

  1. Hey, I recognize that picture!

    There will be a whole bunch of feathered feet reference pictures on my blog this week, as I attended a Friesian Keuring this past Saturday. Here’s the a link to the first post which is all about the baby classes.

  2. Is that from your blog? I had it saved on my computer (I can’t resist children riding drafters) but I’d like to give proper credit!

  3. Yes, it’s one of mine. I took that picture at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo which is held at the National Western Stock Show Complex in Denver, Colorado.

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