Cheap Thrills: a use for styrofoam

You know how when you buy electronics or other fragile items, they often come packed in those big chunks of styrofoam? That stuff is so unwieldy and not bio-degradable and useless. Or is it…?

I like to keep a few nice rectangles of styrofoam on hand to use as bases while I’m working on horses who don’t have there permanent base yet. They have a peg or wire already (since that needs to be inserted before any finish work) but aren’t ready for their final base either. And there’s a lot of handling and drying time in between.

Even if the horse won’t stand on its own, you can make a nice temporary base out of styrofoam which holds your hold safe while being worked on or drying from fixative or paint. It keeps your model safe and clean, and can be used again and again. Let your styrofoam at least make a useful detour before it heads off to the landfill.

Models in various stages sit safely on their styrofoam thrones.

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