Racing Silks

I’ve been working a little bit each day on my three micro mini racehorses and they are now done. My finish work supplies have been staying out on the table and the place they went on the shelf has already been usurped.

The next step in my diorama is to add tack and jockeys. And that means I need to decide on silk colors for the three horses. I wanted to make sure I was being authentic, so I did a bit of research on jockey’s silks.

Thanks to this cool blog post about the history of jockey’s attire and the classism inherent in horse racing, I learned some of the basic rules of silks. In designing my silks I needed to keep in mind that jockeys wear white pants, hats should match silks, and silks can have a maximum of four colors. And then I found this wonderful Design Your Own Silks website!

I’m happy with one of the sets of silks I designed, but I’m still debating about the other two so I thought I’d post them here for some feedback. But first, meet the race horses:

From left: Rumble Strip, Space Cowboy, and Catharsis

I am happy with the silks I chose for Catharsis, which are purple, white, and black. Catharsis will be shown finishing the race in second place behind Rumble Strip. He may wear a set of blinkers if I can figure out how to make little tiny eye cups, in which case his blinkers would most likely be purple to match his jockey.

Space Cowboy’s color scheme is red and yellow, with either blue or black. Here are three options I came up with:

Rumble Strip’s color scheme is green and white. I am torn between these two designs:

What do you think? Any other ideas?

One response to “Racing Silks

  1. I like option #2 for Space Cowboy, and #1 for Rumble Strip.

    For the eye-cups, I think I’d probably shape them out of clay or epoxy at that scale, because it’s going to be hard to find something tiny enough with the right curves in plastic. :)

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