Antique Show Fun

This weekend I helped my aunt run her booth at the Portland Expo Antique Show. I love antiques and collectibles and it was a total blast for me to get to help and hang out. I spent plenty of time wandering around looking at the goodies too. Many of the booths had a few Breyers, but here’s some of the most interesting things I saw.

Two matching Appaloosas pulled this handsome carriage

Wowza. I’ve never seen a parade saddle in person, and this is quite a fancy one to start with. Apparently it’s one of five existing, three of which are in museums.

The saddle featured pounds and pounds of both silver and gold. It is the Ute Chieftain by Heiser, circa 1950. Estimated value $50-75,000.

Plenty of silver on the bridle and breastcollar, too

One woman had a booth full of cheap toys and I was entertained to find a bunch of micro mini knock offs, in addition to the micros they were based on.

I managed to keep my spending to a minimum, buying only a gift, inexpensive plates (which we actually needed), a thimble for sewing, and this cute little Safari pony (from the Ponies Toob Set).

I’d love to get started on him, or finish up my race horses, but I’ve spent the rest of the weekend being sick and can’t drag myself off the couch. It took long enough to motivate myself to blog!

2 responses to “Antique Show Fun

  1. very cool!! I love antique places as well, mainly looking for anything horse shaped/themed…we saw a wee shop yesterday and I spyed a wee knight figure, it was plack with gold detailing, looked really nice but I didn’t end up going in because we were in a hurry to get home with 3 hours drive ahead of us (not to mention I didn’t take any money with me!!)

    Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

  2. How fun! That saddle is so pretty.

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