Horse Power

This weekend I was gifted with an unexpected day off, which gave me the opportunity to head down to Corvallis to visit Robyn and ride my horse. It’s been way too long and I had an absolutely glorious time. Sunday is work day (they are building a new barn and paddocks) so I got to haul lumber, lay stall mats, and wire an electric fence. Here is a video of me driving the tractor and almost, but not quite, mashing a fence. Thanks to Robyn for teaching me and recording my adventures.

I had a blast riding Cochise. It is amazing how far we have come together. When I got him 10 years ago he had only one canter lead, was afraid of velcro, puddles, and gates, stampeded through cross-ties, and bridling was a frustrating 10-15 minute process. Now he jumps like a pro, is accomplished at Natural Horsemanship, and is a barn favorite with small children. On Sunday I groomed him, lunged him, walked, trotted, cantered, backed, serpentined, and jumped him without ever putting a halter or bridle on. He is a most wonderful friend.

Here is an artsy photo of him

Cochise meets the miniatures horses. What ARE those things?

Cochise the teacher

Cochise wins the blue ribbon

Cochise goes to Dairy Queen

Cochise and Ginny play Broom Polo

And the inevitable: Cochise smells the camera

One response to “Horse Power

  1. It sounds like you had a ton of fun at the barn! :D

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