Original Finish Eye Candy – part one

I’m currently judging 3 different OF photo show divisions for MHOSS and IMEHA. That means lots and lots of eye candy! I don’t collect OFs, and don’t want to start, but looking at all these pretty ponies is a nice way to arm-chair collect them…and in all sizes, too!

Since I’m getting to oogle all these nice models (and quite busy doing so!) I thought I’d post some of my favorites. These photos are NOT from the shows themselves, but other photos of the same models I’m admiring.

PS Chips Mini Me Par T Time – photo by spirithorse21

Pintos are not usually my favorites, but the combination of the conservative tobiano with the beautiful honey bay is just drool-worthy. Plus the Chips Stock horse is, imho, greatly improved in character with a turned head and/or swished tail.

Breyer G3 Cantering Warmblood in dark palomino – JC Penny 2007 SR – photo by PrincesMilady on flickr

I love this mold, and I’m a sucker for dark palominos.

G3 Thoroughbred RR in rich bay – photo from identifyyourbreyer.com

This picture does not do the model justice. This mold is really complimented with by the simple but rich bay color.

Palouse Echo in red dun – photo from Stone Horse Reference

This is one of my favorite Peter Stone molds, and the red dun is just delicious.

PS SR Hamilton in dapple steel grey – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I’m not usually a fan of the Peter Stone Arabian, but this steely grey is rather scrumptious.

Mini Third Times the Charm from the JAH SR Mini Connesieur Collection – photo by Dorothy Graham on Pony Lagoon

Despite it’s flaws I have a real soft spot for this mold, and with that lovely Conn-quality chestnut paint job she is a real heart-stealer.

All this oogling makes me want to get at my customs, and as always I am experiencing what I call “Customizing ADHD.” I am always starting more and leaping from project to project. There are so many unfinished or about to be started equines! But first, I’ve got to finish judging. And maybe do my laundry…

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