Original Finish Eye Candy – part two

More judging, more drooling. Oh, for unlimited money and space…

Stone Horses Country Fair 2009 SR Seeker – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I am such a sucker for rat tailed Appaloosas. This guy has a realistic but still wildly spotted pattern, and nice details too.

Little Horse Show 2011 SR Piccolo – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I love the Pebbles Arabian, particularly in bay, and the twitched head and swishy tail just seals the deal.

2008 Ebay Store SR Alano – photo from Stone Horse Reference

I don’t really like the Chips Drafter (I think he’s rather too leggy) but this golden sheened chestnut with a swishy tail is striking and anyway, he could be shown as a young stallion not quite grown into his legs. I could make it work…

2008 Jubilee SR “Ruth” – photo from Stone Horse Reference

Can you tell I love the swishy tails? And such a lovely dainty grey.

CollectA Appaloosa mare – photo by EMK_horses

I’ve been seeing more and more of the new CollectA horses by Deb McDermott in the model horse world. The Appaloosa mare makes a nice Mustang, and I’m a fan. I’d want to customize one but I think they break my size rules, so I’ll just admire. I like the CollectA Arabian and Thoroughbred mares, too.

Stone Horse Country Fair 2009 SR “Crystal” – photo from Stone Horse Reference

One more Pebbles Arabian, with just a hint of rose grey on the hips.

I’m finally done with judging. Most of my recent free time has been spent working on holiday gifts (crafty!) or on job applications. In this economy, I’m not holding my breath, but at least I’ll put out some feelers. I’m lucky to have a job, even if it isn’t as dynamic and intellectually stimulating as I’d like.

I’ve been listening to the BBC Rado Sherlock Holmes Stories, which are great. I just finished “Shoscombe Old Place” which actually involves race horses. I think Shoscombe would be a good name for a jolly hunter horse- like the lovely custom Roundabout resin that Jennifer Buxton is working on.

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