Thanksgiving Tidbits

This post was supposed to go up on Wednesday the 23rd, but when I logged in yesterday there it was in my “drafts” folder, waiting to be published. Alas, at the moment I have little else to post- I have finally finished the Super Secret Distracting-From-Models Crafty Christmas Gift and am nearing the finish line (teehee!) on my racehorse diorama. But that shall have to wait. Until then…

This week I’m down in California visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I probably won’t be back to ponies until Saturday at the earliest. I imagine many people are spending this week with family and have less time for models. But if you’re looking for a quick fix, check out some of these cool links.

Lipizzaner custom by Cindi Evans – this custom (just sold) is a great example of how a bit of nuanced, well-executed sculpting can make for a very unique and interesting model. No drastic customization, but a drastic change nonetheless. Just lovely!

Dreamflite Design video – Anna Kirby was interviewed on TV for a segment on her amazing stablemate tack. It’s cool to see our hobby getting some press, and with such a talented representative!

Two video tutorials on grey hooves by Jaime Baker, pastel artist extraordinaire.

Dreamflite Designs galloping boots tutorial – Anna Kirby’s ingenious design for stablemate boots.

Cavalia – the famous horse-themed circus extravaganza, coming soon to a city near me. Have you seen it?

image from Cavalia website

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

One response to “Thanksgiving Tidbits

  1. Cavalia is beautiful! Saw it in Calgary.
    It was awesome, highly recommend for those who love horses : D

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