Finally Finished!

Rumble Strip cross the finish line in the front in the Small Wonders Stakes at Aqueduct

Thank you to Long Road Home for recommending that I add dust. I think it really completes the scene! Thanks to Robyn, for the original bodies. To my husband for the lovely pictures. And to the cast and crew of Stargate: SG-1, for providing me hours of entertainment while I fiddled with tiny race horses.

After countless (let’s not count…) hours of work, my little diorama is done. I’m immensely pleased with how it turned out, and love to look at it sitting on my shelf. It was an extremely satisfying project and let’s me fulfill my dream of owning a Thoroughbred race horse named Rumble Strip.

12 responses to “Finally Finished!

  1. Looks absolutely great!!! Those details, can’t stop looking! ;-) How did you do the dust? Looks so real!

  2. It looks great!! Very well done, the dust is especially amazing, how did you do it?!

    • I had some left over “dust” from a different project that I re-purposed for that. That dust was part dog hair (the fine belly hairs off an appropriately colored dog) and part dyed cotton balls, teased apart. I remember having trouble dying the cotton balls, but alas I don’t remember what finally worked to make the color I got! I have a feeling that coffee or watery acrylics (as Long Road Home suggested) would do the trick.

  3. That looks fantastic! I’m so glad my dust suggestion helped :D

  4. Gah, that looks amazing! You’d be hard pressed to guess the scale at first!

  5. Wow. O.O
    The dust was such a wonderful addition – it made the whole thing come alive!
    And the jockeys, and the tiny, tiny bridles; fantastic, all of it!

  6. It looks awesome!! well done!! the dust is a nice touch, except it almost looks like it should be extended out behind the horses a bit as it looks like only Rumble Strip (love the name btw!!) is creating dust….

  7. Yay! So great to see an ambitious project through to completion, especially when it turns out this well. :)

  8. Wow, it looks so good! Love all the tiny details. :D Very well done!!

  9. RedstoneManorStables

    I watch Stargate Atlantis and Babylon 5 for my cming entertainment XD I have to find ways to combine my dual passions of scifi and horses. I’d watch SG-1 but my boxset was pinched by my mother ><

  10. where can i buy some jockey resin molds?

    • I’m not aware of anywhere that sells resin jockeys I’m afraid. Depending on what scale you need, your best bet might be to customize a OF one.

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