Another Lovely Pony Visit

This weekend I stole some time and went to visit my pony back in my hometown (oh, and my parents too, but you know… PONY!). I rode him in the morning and he was all set to perform in a holiday themed drill team extravaganza in the evening. He is pretty awesome.

Robyn is building a big new barn on the property, which is very exciting. The whole family is working on it.

Robyn's dad up on a ladder doing something or other with wires

Not all of the stalls have gates installed yet, but in one of the finished ones there is a new pony, Baxter. One of her student’s is doing a trial lease-to-buy with him. He is a cute little POA with a cute pony head…

A wee little snip…

And funny inverse colored ears!

I have been avoiding working on one of my customs, the Fjord pony with the turned head, because I lacked good reference pictures for the neck musculature. But I realized earlier this week that I can make my own reference photos! Now, Cochise isn’t a Fjord stallion but he’s a bit cresty, and he is willing to bend for carrots. It would have been best to have him in a sleeker coat and not his winter woolies, but I can still see the basic musculature. And a fuzzy reference is better than no reference at all!

Cochise posing for photos. Yes, he is wearing antlers.

Hopefully that (and more similar pictures) will help me sculpt the off-side of this guy:

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