Hobby Skills for Crafty Gifts

Most of my recent crafty time has been eaten by another favorite activity, present wrapping!

My favorite present this year was (it was delivered pre-Christmas) this sign for Robyn’s stable. I’m proud of the idea I came up with and it was an absolute blast to make. I meant to do simple drawings and painting but it was so fun that it turned into this:

I’m tickled to say that I used some of my hobby-honed skills to make this gift. For one, I learned to do detailing and color-mixing with acrylic paint from my model horse customizing. I also have and use my dremel tool for the hobby, and it came in very handy for carving that arrow and drilling holes. And of course, I was thrifty- the base is just a recycled piece of art from Goodwill, sanded and repainted.

Coincidentally, both of the horses painted on this sign have already been used as painting references for models. In the “noon” position is Alice, who I did a portrait of last year as a gift for Robyn. On the bottom is Charlotte who was my reference for Nightfox. So now I’ve painted them in 2D and 3D!

As of today my holiday shopping and crafting are finished. I’ll be spending the weekend with family and returning to home, work and maybe even blogging next week.

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