Mischief Cat Strikes Again


Why, why must you be so cute and yet so curious, and curiously destructive?

Somehow, kitteh managed to mash into the pony shelf, sending many of them down in a cascade of equine plastic. So now it is time to play hospital, and move the collection to a safer place.

First step was to move everyone to the safety of the cupboard until I had time to take care of things.

Next, we moved the shelf away from other shelves, so that felines cannot access it. The ponies who are still whole go back up, with some rearranging.

This cool glass-fronted case was finally put to good use. I picked it up at a vintage store earlier this year but didn’t have a spot for it. It’s now a sturdy book end and holds the Pony Hospital and WIP creatures.

Those admitted to the Pony Hospital include Rumble Strip (from the racehorse diorama, top right), Doublet (middle bottom) and Senna (middle bottom, too tiny to see). Troy Soldier is there too- from a previous accident.

Next up: fixing broken ears, damaged finish, and reattaching broken acrylic rods…

Plotting evil with her minion, Wee Pinkiemouse.

2 responses to “Mischief Cat Strikes Again

  1. ho ho…. I’m sorry to laugh… but I have a kitten menace as well. Her name is Hulder and she ALWAYS sits on top of my desk playing with my stuff… sigh… and as if SHE is not enough, I now have two 9 week old kittens… who are learning to climb….need I say more?!

  2. Aahh! Attack of the mischief kitteh! This is why my cat is not allowed in my room. He likes to pick up stablemate sized objects and carry them around in his mouth, then dropkick them around the house.

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