Then and Now

I came across this picture last night while doing a suddenly very important reorganization of my files. This is what my model horse shelf looked like on February 25, 2010. I was tickled to note how this motley crew progressed.

Horse #1, far left, is now a chestnut Waler stallion named Rugby. He is my tiniest performance horse, and just this week placed 1st in his IMEHA Hunter Over Fences class.

Horse #2, Smithden Freya, is currently in the mail to her new home in Tennessee. In the above picture her finish work is done but she lacks a realistic base. It took me a couple versions to find one that worked well.

Horse #3 was my first custom that didn’t end up in my collection or given to a friend. He went all the way to Australia and shows there under the name Magnum Forty Four.

I finished horse #4, Chryselephantine, just about a year after this photo was taken. And the horse above is Chrys 2.0, since I melted the first one with acetone in late 2009. But we’re past that now, and Chryselephantine (her name means “made of gold and ivory”) is an accomplished show horse. She won the December IMEHA Saddlebred class over 29 other entries while wearing her fancy homemade halter.

Horse #5 didn’t change color too much, but he looks a lot more finished now. He’s a grey Kladruber stallion named Radek.

Horse #6 is seen above in the midst of one of my failed attempts at acrylics. Luckily I came to my senses and re-did him in pastel. Poor Weasel was a WIP for about a gazillion years, but he’s now a happy baby bay.

Number 7 is a group, here in their very earliest stages. But that pile of rubbery legs eventually became my racehorse diorama. The star, Rumble Strip, was once that pinto creature on the far right.

Sometimes I think my WIPs are never going to be done… this photo proves otherwise- at least for the lucky ones!

Alas, life for the rest of the creatures above has changed little. They’re all still in the body box. That sorry chestnut foal did get his head re-attached eventually, but he’s in a sorry state and may never regain the muscling and detail I had planned for him. Maybe this photo will persuade me to go pull him out. Maybe.

I’m going on a little impromptu trip up to Victoria this weekend, so I’ll be away from ponies and computers. But when I come back I hope to share new tack! new performance photos! and finally, How I Made my Lightbox.

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