Dreamflite Design English Saddle Tutorial!

I’m a little late on the news, but if you haven’t heard, Anna Kirby of Dreamflite Design has released her long awaited Stablemate English Saddle Tutorial.

The tutorial is fabulous, and chock full of great tips. With Anna’s superb guidance, I made this saddle for Nightfox:

And trust me, it would not look anywhere near that good without the tutorial. Her guidance is invaluable.

Anna is graciously sharing her tack making secrets for free until January 17th. You can email her and request a copy. After the 17th, the PDF will be available for a totally-worth-it $10. The tutorial is extremely thorough and professional, with tons of helpful pictures. I would encourage anyone with the means to purposely wait and pay for it.

Thank you Anna for sharing your brilliant methods with the model horse community, and for putting so much work into producing a helpful and thorough document.

One response to “Dreamflite Design English Saddle Tutorial!

  1. I concur wholeheartedly! :D
    (and wow, that’s one NICE looking saddle!)

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