Learning from WIPs

I spent several hours today working on models, and I found myself thinking about my post of yesterday featuring albums of start to finish customs. I absolutely love seeing other artists’ works in progress, almost more than the lovely finished products! And I learn a lot from my oogling- there is a lot of knowledge to pick up just my watching another person work.

Tonight I took a dremel to two horses, and in both cases I used knowledge I had gleaned from other people’s work. This picture of a WIP medallion helped me realize I needed to re-do my racing Thoroughbred’s open mouth.

CM Kronos Medallion WIP by FriesianFury Studio

One of my dremel tasks tonight was to open up my horse’s jaw so that the facial anatomy would be more correct for her open mouth.

My other task is a new project, a Chips Thoroughbred to an Akhal Teke. I absolutely love Akhal Tekes, but there aren’t any nice Teke models in my price range. So I’ll attempt to make my own. But it’s going to take a lot of changes, especially to get the attitude I’m looking for. I had a lot of dremeling to do, so I used a strategy I’ve seen multiple others employ: I drew on the horse with sharpie to mark where I needed to cut or shave or move. That way when I sat down with the dremel, I had a clear plan instead of trying to just eyeball things.

How else could I have created this, er, lovely creature? Here’s hoping some nice time with the heat gun will get him looking a little more graceful. But that’s for tomorrow!

2 responses to “Learning from WIPs

  1. You are right, there are hardly any nice Tekes around, not even on the pricy end of the scale.
    Yours looks very promising already, I can clearly see where you are going, even if you wouldn’t have shown the picture you use for reference.

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