Miniature World – Victoria, British Columbia

I have been having so much fun sculpting this weekend that I haven’t yet blogged about last week’s trip to Victoria B.C. My husband needed to go for work, and I could easily (and cheaply) accompany him, but for some (stupid) reason I wavered. Until he told me about this:

That’s right, Victoria has a miniatures museum. I spent a wonderful long time there and took a whole bunch of photographs in a futile effort to capture the awesomeness of it all.  And I’ve uploaded the best ones for your perusal!

If you ever have a chance to check out miniature world, I definitely recommend it. It’s $13 (Canadian) but in my opinion well worth it, as long as you really have the time and patience to take it all in. Because there is a lot to see.

Click the pictures for a full size tour.

3 responses to “Miniature World – Victoria, British Columbia

  1. Wow, that looks like it was fun to go to. I remember I went to a miniatures/model railroad museum somewhere in Devon, England almost a decade ago, and I remember being very impressed with the scale of some of the dioramas. Isn’t it fun seeing what others can do, and just as fun to see where you might have done things differently? :)

  2. Oooh, brilliant!
    I came to this hobby via the doll’s house/miniature scene so this is all very familiar to me. :D I love that castle dio best though -the people falling into the moat are brilliant! XD

  3. This is amazing. I love the attention to detail and the fact that the miniatures people are doing things make them look life like.

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