Ear Collecting

“George has a collection. One slip an’ he warns ye. Two, an’ he takes an ear–fer his collection. Three mistakes–” Stefan shrugged. “He takes t’other ear an’ all that’s attached. George likes things done right.”

I couldn’t help but think of Tamora Pierce’s Alanna series during my latest endeavor- sculpting ears. I had a couple horses that were giving me a lot of trouble, so I decided to try out Laura Skillern’s tutorial on the subject.

Following her directions, I was was able to make a little ear collection of my own- although surely smaller and cleaner than George’s.

After my ears were dry, I found two of relatively the same size that matched my horses in need. I dug a little hole in each horses head and planted the ear for stability. Then I added epoxy around the base as Laura instructs. I definitely need to do some shaping and refining, but I’m so far very pleased with the results.

(That’s an updated photo of the Head Down Mare, by the way- she looks pretty different now! and is destined to be a gelding.)

One response to “Ear Collecting

  1. Oooh, I’m liking the look of that TB!

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