Progress with the Problem Ponies

Even though I wiled away much of my morning (doing non-important things like playing the Horse Name Game and important things like practicing Spanish), I did manage to make some good progress on the herds, and even tackled two of the problem ponies from the last post.

Drying on the shelf

Lilah, on the left, is progressing as a dark liver chestnut. The grain issues have mostly been fixed by layering and multiple coats of fixative. Fixing Alpo’s “rain rot” is a bit more intensive, but I did figure out some acrylic colors to paint match to his dirty white color. The major boo-boos are fixed and now he just needs some pastel over the top to smooth things over (at least, I hope that’s all he needs).

The chestnut pony on the far right is finished (pending a signature and gloss) and will be for sale after the live show in March. The little donkey is a commission and also just about finished. I hope to take some nice pictures of them tomorrow after a few more coats of fixative. It’ll be nice to check some off the in-progress list!

4 responses to “Progress with the Problem Ponies

  1. What a delightful little donkey! I’m looking forward to more pictures. :)

  2. Go you! :)
    I should do my annual “spring cleaning” in the stables, too, checking who needs some TLC and updating, but so far I have been both too busy and too lazy…

  3. It’s so hard to motivate myself to do repairs… I still haven’t tackle the two ear problems. And one of them needs a whole new sculpt, because I didn’t realize the ear was missing. My cat probably ate it. Arg.

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