New Faces!

I’m excited to say that I am now finished with two customs, Linus and Alianora. Linus is a commissioned trade for my Chips Thoroughbred and Alianora is now up for sale on MH$P.



With these guys done I feel like I am making some real progress. My goal is was to finish these guys along with Liam, Lilah, Alpo, Typhoid Mary, and Troy Soldier (and repair Doublet) before the live show at the end of March. And I’m on my way! Alpo and Typhoid Mary are getting close. I might even finish up my Fjord stallion, but let’s not push it…

My fake studio pictures above were really pretty simple. I took advantage of the bright morning and added the power of my stove top light to the natural light flooding in. My backdrop is just an old t-shirt, and my base was a cutting board.

None the less, I’m very pleased with how my photos came out!

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