Palpable Pony Progress

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the seven horses I hope to have ready for the show on March 25. They are all moving along at a lovely pace and it’s rather exciting to see so much progress.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon customizing and came to a place I don’t think I’ve ever been- done. Of course I’ve got a whole box of bodies and put-aside WIPs, but in terms of the six I’m focusing on, I was truly at a Stopping Point. Doublet and Troy Soldier (the earless twins) were both drying with new paint-matched acrylic layers. Kettil and Liam were both sanded and sculpted and wet with primer. And Lilah, Alpo and Typhoid Mary had fresh fixative over pastelled coats.

Lilah’s dark liver color is coming along nicely. This is about her third or fourth layer. I think she’s ready for some acrylic detailing before I go further with color development and shading.

Meanwhile, the feisty Fjord stallion Kettil (and his buddy Liam too) are just about ready for pastel coats. Ketil finally has his expressive mane, tail, and forelock added.

Taking photos is a great way to find trouble spots- when I’m working on him I’m mostly looking down from above or holding him. Here, at eye level with him standing on a flat surface, I can see how his hooves need leveling. One more thing to do…

2 responses to “Palpable Pony Progress

  1. I just love Kettil! He’s so cute! I want him :)

  2. Forgot to add that Lilah is looking very good too :)

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