Honoring the Past with Plastic Ponies

It’s been a slow couple of days in my studio- I’ve been busy with family and such, and besides a few coats of primer not much is happening. But while on an urban hike this Sunday with my parents I rediscovered a Portland quirk that might interest other model horse fans. It’s called the Horse Project.

See, in Portland (and other cities, I’m sure) the oldest streets still have metal rings set into the sidewalks, where people would tie their horses as late as the 1920’s. The rings didn’t see much use after cars became ubiquitous, until in 2005 a Portland artist decided they were still relevant.

Scott Wayne Indiana started tying plastic horses to the rings, and encouraging other people to do the same thing. They’ cropped up all over the old parts of Portland, and today they are still out there for you to find. We were walking in a neighborhood of beautiful old homes and I explained to my parents the purpose of the rings and mentioned the Horse Project. At that moment I looked across the street, and low and behold, there was a nice plastic pony faithfully waiting at the ring.

The Horse Project’s website has quite a few dead links, but they do have some more pictures. There’s even a Breyer Misty featured!

2 responses to “Honoring the Past with Plastic Ponies

  1. Very cool! I used to live in that area, nice to know there’s still some ponies at the rings :)

  2. what a neat idea!!! I love historical things, especially ones with stories and horse related!!

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