Ponies in Other Media

I’ve been busy this weekend at a Creativity Workshop held by a local potter. My mom (who is also a ceramicist) invited me to go with her. It was fun to have time set aside to do art in a variety of media. And since this workshop was all about delving into your own creativity, of course I ended up with some equine forms emerging.

Two of my clay pieces were ponies. I am particularly pleased with the sitting draft foal. Working in clay is so different from sculpting in epoxy- in some ways I love it, and in others it drives me absolutely nuts.

This skinny, angular guy is one of my consistent doodles. Here he is in oil pastel. Some time I’d like to try to make one of these in 3-D on a thin wire armature. I definitely don’t have the skill to do it in clay- those little legs would never hold up!

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