Pastel Parade

With the exception of Troy Soldier (who I haven’t been able to primer because of constant rain) all of my in progress horses are now in the finish work stage. Which is good because somehow I made a goal to have them done in, gulp, two weeks for a March 25 live show. Oh scary calendar, you are scary. Troy might not make it.

After tonight’s pastel session, these creatures are all drying after getting fixative. Lilah is so dark and chocolatey and delicious. I can’t wait to get her mane and tail in a better shade and intensify her whites.

It’s exciting to put some color, albeit barely noticeable, on Kettil the Fjord. He’s only got one layer of Rembrandt Burnt Sienna. The reference picture I used for his stance is a light Fjord, and a bit dirty, so I’ll mostly be basing his color on this buttery guy-

Prydarson, highest scored Fjord stallion in North America

Excuse me while I mop up this drool.

Liam, meanwhile, is giving me fits over his tobiano pattern. I finally found the perfect bay for him, but I’m still going back and forth and back and forth over the white. I’ve been making hideous photoshopped mock-ups but it probably isn’t helping. And then there’s the tobiano genetics to consider! More on that later.

The fan favorite, Alpo, is just about done… although I’ve been seriously remiss in one aspect. I forgot that his mouth is a tiny bit open! Once I’ve painted some detail in there, then maybe I can put him on the shelf with the finished guys.

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