Random Pastel Tips #3,046-7

I am a pastelling maaachine. I realized that I have to be if I hope to get these guys done in three weeks. I even managed to catch a dry moment to get some primer on Troy Soldier so I’ll be able to start pastelling him soon.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to do one or even two pastel layers on Kettil and Liam every day. Speed can result in carelessness, however, so I need to take precautions so I don’t make mistakes that become major set backs.

With these models I’m working with two drastically different set of colors. My reference horses are pretty much as far apart in color as can be:

So I need to make sure that I’m keeping the dust from Liam’s dark bay off of the light buttery dun of Kettil. To do this, I always work light to dark. That means that Kettil gets his pastel layer first, and is then set him aside. If I went the other way, the red-brown dust from Liam that falls on my gloves would easily be mashed into Kettil and ruin that layer.

Strategy number two is to label my brushes. I’ve got one nice soft pastel brush for Kettil’s light dusky colors, and another set aside for Liam’s reds, browns, and blacks. Even when you wash brushes carefully, pastel dust and stain can stay in the little crannies and could come out to attack later. If you have a brush that is stained black, do not try to use it on your isabella palomino!

The color I’m using on Liam will change from this red-violet to a much darker brown black, but I can use the same brush because a.) I will wash it and b.) that red tint is still a part of his coat color, even if the primary colors I’ll be using later are darker. A tiny bit of red mixed in his later layers won’t hurt him, and might even add luster.

Better wrap this up- I’m on a strict schedule here!

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