Photo Show Hurrahs

In the midst of my mad pastelling the March show results are rolling in. This month’s photo showing success is very motivating!

Besides the usual monthly shows, this month I entered Rogue River Studio‘s Winter Blues Photo Show. This show had huge classes and interestingly, all horses of different sizes and makes (OF and CM) competed against each other. I do not envy the judge who has to wade through 169 entries in the Stallion class!

I was delighted to find that my Kladruber stallion, Radek, placed very well in these huge classes. He placed 5th in Stallions (169), 5th in Black/Grey (72), 1st in Other Sport Breeds (28), Breed Reserve Champion, 1st in Realistic Photo (28), 6th in Best Name (28), and then Overall Reserve Champion.

Artist's rendering

This show actually has real prizes too, so I’ll soon have a non-pixelated champion ribbon too!

It’s always exciting to win at shows, and I am particularly pleased when I place well in classes that recognize my hard work. In the Winter Blues Show, I am honored to have placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Most Realistic Photo class. Photo show color classes are as close as I’ve ever gotten to a workmanship class, and this month has been rewarding: Rahija was 2nd in Black/Grey (72) and Nightfox won the bay class against seventy other horses.

To borrow a British phrase I keep hearing over at the Model Horse Love forum, I was chuffed!

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