It Takes a Village…

My ex-frankenhorses, Liam and Lilah, are now basically finished. I am really pleased with how they’ve turned out. But I was stuck- how could I sign them? Their coats are both very dark, particularly on the underbelly where one would normally sign.

For most of my horses I use my trusty black Micron .20mm pen, which works wonderfully. But alas, Micron doesn’t make any pens in light colors that would show up on these guys. So I hunted around the Dick Blick website to find some alternatives. After compiling a list, I turned to two message boards, Model Horse Love and Fallen Leaves, to see if anyone else had experience with those products.

They had something better. Contributors on both forums pointed out that I could simply sign with my nice black Micron on the bottom of a dark horse’s hoof.

Duh. It’s a cheap, simple solution–just my style–but I needed help to get there. Thank goodness for helpful hobbyists!

Meanwhile, I also finished my bay-going-grey pony, Typhoid Mary. Check out her pictures in the Grey Gallery. Kettil Blacksmith and Troy Soldier are still in progress, but Kettil at least is on track for completion by Saturday. As for Troy, well, fingers crossed. If nothing else, this upcoming show is a fabulous motivator.

One response to “It Takes a Village…

  1. Huh, i just got a really fine paintbrush and signed it using white paint on my black appy custom.

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