Show Report: Swap Shop and Sale Live – Camas, WA

I’m back! I had a blast at the show and am very, very glad that I went. People were wonderfully friendly and talkative, and the easygoing show format made it a very relaxed and pleasant day. Show hostess Barb Ness did a fabulous job putting it on.

Since I have such a small show string, pretty much everyone who might be considered live show quality came. The majority of my show string stayed cozy and safe in their “stalls” (a simple model horse holder).

Left to right: Nightfox, Troy Soldier, Typhoid Mary, Lady Diptych aka Lilah, Chryselephantine, Jaime, Diamond, Doublet.

Here’s the view of my whole table, with my sales stuff out in front.

My mascot and sign holder, “Woody”

I won only one ribbon at the show, but it was a blue one!

Rahija wins the Arab/Part Arab CM/AR Mini class

Competition was tough, especially because the mini customs and artist resins were grouped. In the drool-worthy call back class, 25 out of 29 models were resins.

One of the coolest things about going to this show was getting to see (and in some cases, hold!) some models that I had only heard of and drooled over online.

My favorite was the phenominal blue roan pony ES Sir Kicks a Lot, customized and painted by Emilia Kurila of Destrier Models and owned by master tack maker Erin Corbett. The judge evidently liked him too!

ES Sir Kicks a Lot, Champion of the Custom Division

I also saw the incredible Stormwatch resin “NW Stormy Weather” painted by Adalee Hude of Brightly Hude Studio. Check out the amazing details shots of him on her blog!

NW Stormy Weather, Reserve Overall Champion of the Resin Division

I even got to see the famous Sir Sproing! a drastic Wintersong custom by Melanie Miller owned by Erin Corbett.

Sir Sproing! went Top Five in the Custom Division

Besides my blue ribbon, my big achievement of the day was acquiring my first resin horse! And even better, I was able to trade for him! I trade my custom Walkaloosa mare, Jaycee, and a stablemate for a beautiful “Roll” by Linda York. He’s currently a partially finished black pinto, and I’ll be stripping and repainting him. Oh, the possibilities! A dream come true. I also snagged a few stablemate bodies.

There was, of course, lots of other drool-worthy models. I mostly took pictures of the minis, since those are my love. Here are some of my favorites:

All this fun has me thinking about my next live show… but that will have to wait for another post.

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