The Next Adventure

I had so much fun at the live show last weekend that I immediately went home and filled out the entry form for the big NW Expo in April. This show was the hobby highlight of my year when I was younger, and I had great fun showing in the novice division. This is a very established annual show- in fact, this year will be the twenty fifth!

NW Expo 2001 Novice Division Reserve to Reserve Overall Champion

This year of course I’ll be showing in the Open division, which is big and exciting and a little scary. This is a very competitive show and people come from all over the northwest. Lucky for me it’s in my hometown, so I’ll just pop down and stay with the folks.

Unlike the Swap Shop and Sale Show, the Expo has a performance division. Inspired by Braymere’s recent posts and my new friend Caryn Peck’s  beautiful dioramas and props, and I’ve decided to go big and enter performance as well as halter. I’ve been photo showing successfully in performance for about sixth months now, and it was easy to think I had everything ready to go. But upon closer examination, I have quite a to-do list to prepare!

My plan is to enter six classes: English Pleasure, English Trail, Hunter/Jumper/Cross-country, Other English, Other Western, and Other Performance. Luckily, I won’t have to do any major tack changes. I’m not that crazy.

My main star will be Nightfox in the English classes. I took a look through my performance photos are thought sure, I’m all ready for a nice dressage set up in Other English.

Despite appearances, the first two things on my to-do list are a dressage fence and letter. The ones in my photo are fine when they’re blurred out and only have to look nice from one direction. But they are not even close to live show quality- I would be embarrassed to even put them out on the table. Upon closer examination, this is true of most of my planned entries.

So here’s the to-do list, due April 21:

  • arena base with interchangeable dressage fence and arena fence
  • dressage letter H
  • stablemate scale orange cone for English trail
  • seven white stablemate scale poles for English trail
  • new foal halter for Other Performance (In-Hand Trail)
  • references for four of the entries

Since I don’t have time to tackle building a jump, I’ll be borrowing one. A hunter set up would be simplest, but Nightfox’s unbraided mane is not optimal. A cross-country entry fits his loose hairstyle better, but then I’d have to make boots. Even with Dreamflite Design’s awesome tutorial, that’s not really something I want to tackle on a deadline!

I’ve been busy with work and other things this week, but I’m sneaking in some prep for this weekend’s diorama building. Two evenings were planning and scaling, one day had a trip to the hobby store, and yesterday I did a lot of measuring. Tomorrow, out comes to saw and the dremel and the sandpaper.

One response to “The Next Adventure

  1. Nightfox should do wonderfully for you! :D

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