Rabbit Goes on Vacation

This last weekend my husband and I rented a cabin for two nights for a mini vacation. One lucky pony got to come too- my miniature donkey, Rabbit. Rabbit came because my single, enjoyable, to-do item for the weekend was to make him a new halter. He’ll be showing in In-Hand Trail, and needed some schnazzy new duds. Here’s Rabbit in his new halter, enjoying the scenic river right off the back porch:

It was a lovely weekend and I’m glad we snuck away for a bit. The next few weeks are busy (with fun things, but still busy) so it was fun to have some set aside to sit on my butt. Rabbit had a good time too, but he was not allowed in the hot tub.

I’m working every day this week, so I’m very happy to report that I am basically ready for the show on Saturday. The horses are packed, references and props finished, and class list printed. Here’s to a stress free week!

One response to “Rabbit Goes on Vacation

  1. He is the CUTEST!

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