Live Show Report: NW Expo 2012

I had a great time this weekend at the NW Expo Live Show. It was extra fun to be sharing a table with my new friend Caryn. Attending this show again after about 10 years was very nostalgic. This event used to be the highlight of my year, and I would beg my mom to drive me with my tubs and boxes and even duffles (!) full of horses.

Now I can drive myself, brought only one tub of horses, and faced the tough competition of the Open Division instead of the delightfully ribbon-filled Novice Division. I didn’t fare too well in CM performance, despite my preparations- I think I was last in nearly every class. In the afternoon, however, the combined awesomeness of Caryn’s arena diorama and my tack scored her OF Arabian a red ribbon and an NAN card in Other English with a cool bridleless riding set up.

The mini CM/AR classes were filled with beautiful models (largely resins) and I was delighted to win a 1st in the Mule/Hinny class with Troy Soldier and a 3rd in the huge Pony class with Kettil Blacksmith (and Typhoid Mary took 5th).

Troy Soldier winning first in CM/AR Mini Mule/Hinny

Judge Amy Widman counting the entries for the enormous CM/AR Mini Pony class.

Rahija took 4th in the large CM/AR Mini Arabian class.

During lunch I remembered to put my centaur Anicius in the Open Fantasy/Mascot class and then forgot. When I wandered over to pick him up again most of the other entries had been cleared and he was left with his big first place rosette.

I sure didn’t see that coming!

I have more to share but I’m still tired from my amazing whirlwind-of-fun weekend, and this week is busy with volunteer work and other things. I hope to get more updates and pictures up before I leave for a week at a friend’s wifi-less beach house.

One response to “Live Show Report: NW Expo 2012

  1. It was so much fun to spend the day with you!! I had a blast and I really really appreciate the loan of your tack. That NAN card is half yours!! We will definitely have to get together for coffee or lunch soon :)

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