Post-Show Pony Fun

Since I was in town for the NW Expo, I took the opportunity to stay the weekend and spend time with Robyn at her stable and of course to visit my big boy, Cochise.


On Saturday (after the show) I went out to watch my horse be ridden by one of Robyn’s young drill team students. It’s so sweet to watch him teach other young riders as he educated me. I was happy just watching, but then one of the boarders invited me to hop on her new Trakehner gelding. Yes, please!

Helmet imperative, shoes optional.

I think I get the “warmblood thing” now. Midnight has the most glorious movement. His trot was floaty and full of potential- for anything, it seemed. Next time I’ll have to sample his canter…

Many of Robyn’s students are young riders, and it sometimes seems that the barn is an endlessly adorable parade of ponies. New arrivals include Daisy…

Hwinn (Haflinger)

Thistle (Welsh)

And the endlessly squee-inducing Markey:

Sunday was Cochise’s birthday and we had a blast jumping. He likes it when I visit because he gets to go higher than the kiddie-sized jumps. I miss him, but he really does love his career as a lesson horse.

That’s my boy!

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