Fuzzy Pony Goodness!

When I was in Washington this spring visiting my alma mater, I couldn’t help but stop in at my old Goodwill. It’s a great one because the prices are extremely low, so it’s always a treat to stop in and look for treasure. To the entertainment of my friends (who were waiting for our table at the brunch place next door) I returned with this amazing acquisition:

Seriously, for $.50, how could I pass that up?

Kitteh Approved

Cuddle time

I had big plans. And so, over the next few weeks, she transformed…

I called this the "hippo stage"

Getting hairier...

Almost halfway

And then I got really tired of dealing with yarn, and the poor thing sat for a while. But a few weeks ago, with my deadline approaching, I got back to work. And now, the very fat-n-fuzzy pony is done!

The pink bow is the original one, saved and attached to her new tail

I’m pretty pleased with my creation. The hairing got pretty tedious, but the mane and tail were fun to do and the final product is totally worth it. She is a birthday present for my dear pony-loving friend Robyn.

3 responses to “Fuzzy Pony Goodness!

  1. I remember I wanted such pony when I was a kid. I love what you have done with her, she looks so adorable now :D

  2. Bahaha, she’s brilliant! XD

  3. Awwww, wonderful!!! I am sure your friend will absolutely love this cute pony! Hairing with wool is a great idea to make it look snuggly.

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