Distracted by Awesomeness

I have been trying to blog but I am having this wonderful difficulty: all of my time is taken up by one of the following:

1. Watching the new Avengers movie

2. Waiting in line for the new Avengers movie

3. Convincing others to attend the new Avengers movie

Awesomeness happens.

So while I work on some meatier posts, here is a picture of the galloping pony as he is now.

He looks much better with a neck on, huh?

6 responses to “Distracted by Awesomeness

  1. So it’s a good movie then? ;)


  3. *cough* Yes, it’s an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.

  4. Haha! Well maybe that’s what we should do in the next week or two instead of coffee or lunch…go see Avengers!

  5. I haven’t seen “Hulk” nor “Captain America” but whatever, Robrt Downey Jr in in this film! :D

    Pony looks very nice so far, I’m waiting patiently to see him/her finished. ;)

  6. *flails at Avengers feels*
    Pony’s looking gooooood too! :D

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