NW Expo Results – halter

The results of the NW Expo just came out so I can finally get a look at some of the entry numbers and such. Here are my (more complete) happy halter results.

My Arabian mare Rahija (who won the CM/AR Mini Arabian class at her first show) took 4th out of 6 in Arabian mares, which I thought was pretty good considering the class was split by gender from a 13 horse Arabian class.

Lady Diptych, aka Lilah, aka Head Up Mare

One of my newer customs, Lilah (shown as Lady Diptych because of her half and half composition) took 4th out of 9 in the Other Pure/Mixed Light Type as a Quarab. Readers may remember her as the “Head up mare.” It’s wonderful to see such a drastic custom place well- I must have managed to preserve some proper anatomy and conformation!

Judge Amy Widman counting the entries.

The massive CM/AR Mini Pony class started with 32 entries, and was split in Fjord/Shetland and All Others. Even after the split the classes were pretty large, and I was extremely pleased to take 3rd place with my Fjord, Kettil Blacksmith, and 5th with my Shetland Pony Typhoid Mary.

Kettil Blacksmith

At lunchtime I won a big fat (surprise!) rosette with my centaur, Anicius.


My most exciting ribbon of the day was Troy Soldier’s win in the Mule/Hinny class. This class started with 22 entries and was split into Peter Stone and Other, and he took first out of the 9 Peter Stone entries.

This win was especially satisfying because I have been working on this horse forever. I started him in April of 2010 after failing with an earlier micro mule attempt. He was actually the subject of my first blog post and has been through multiple trials and setbacks since then. But here he is, all finished and strutting his stuff.

Coming up: performance pictures and results

3 responses to “NW Expo Results – halter

  1. Kettil! *makes grabby hands at*

  2. Oohh I agree! The little fjord is my favourite, too! Wonderful work on him.

  3. Love your little Fjord too! :) Congrats on your ribbons!

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