NW Expo Results – performance

Alas, my performance results from the NW Expo were not quite so pleasing as those from halter. Admittedly, I was disappointed that my setups in the English division with Nightfox barely registered- I placed last in every class except English Trail, where I placed 4th out of 5 entries.

Nightfox was my primary performance horse but not the only one. My mule foal Rabbit placed 6th out of 8 in Other Performance with his In-Hand Trail set up.

My final ribbon in performance was won by Senna (under her new show name, Penny Candy). She placed 6th out of 8 entries in Other Western performance with her teeny tiny bareback bronc set up.

Showing in performance at such a big show was pretty cool, and it was an honor to have my little set ups next to some of the gorgeous competition.

This Horse Agility entry by Susan Carey was one of my favorites- and the judges, too.

And happily, any disappointment in my placings there was softened as the April photo showing results came in.

Nightfox wowed the judges in all of our monthly shows. In IMEHA Performance he took 6 firsts, 1 second, and 3 division championships in English. In MHOSS he took 2 firsts, 2 second and was named English Versatility Champion and Top Five English. In TOPSA he won 4 firsts and was named English Performance Champion. I must be doing something right!

Senna only has one performance photo (she doesn’t exactly fit into Western Pleasure) but nonetheless she took first in the appropriate class in all three of the monthly shows, and was the MHOSS Western Division Champion and Reserve Overall Performance Champion. Not bad for my little lady.

With summer weather on the way I’m excited to take more show photos- and give live show performance another go at some upcoming shows!

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