Rasps and Their Various Uses

One of my favorite tools is this large, heavy duty rasp:

You can buy them at hardware stores, but knowing me I probably got it at a garage sale or thrift store. I don’t remember.

This giant file has many excellent purposes. For one, if you don’t have a dremel (or are too lazy to get it out) you can use this to file down large areas on a horse, for example if you are slimming their barrel. It leaves big marks which you’ll want to epoxy or sand over, but it’s useful it you need to get rid of a lot of material quickly.

I also use the rasp to keep my other tools in good shape. When my fine little dentist’s tools end up with hardened epoxy all over them, a few rubs on my big rasp takes them back to the finessable sculpting tools they should be.

Finally, the least obvious use for my file: getting super glue off your hands. I use super glue a lot when I’m customizing, and too often I end up with glue on my fingers.


Even if I do avoid gluing fingers to each other, I still end up with a nasty callous of dried glue. I absolutely hate the feeling, and it doesn’t go away quickly… without help. I simply rasp the gluey spot on my skin, and soon enough it’s gone. It doesn’t hurt, since you’re just sloughing the glue and the very top layer of your skin. Much better!

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