Sleipnir Gets Hairy

This Sleipnir project is such a blast to do. I’m really enjoying myself and spending a lot of time working on him. Even though his body still needs a decent amount of work, this weekend he got a mane and tail- I just couldn’t wait!

Since the mane we designed is large and mostly upright, I used wires and tape to make an armature, and sculpted the hair on top of that. First I dremeled holes along his neckline for the wires, just like I’d normally do for a tail.

Then I planted wires in the holes and secured them with super glue and baking soda. Once they were dry, I trimmed and bent them into the right positions.

Then, using Laura Skillern’s excellent method, I blue taped over my wires in the shape of the mane-to-be and added glue and baking soda over the tape for stability. This also helps the epoxy grab onto the tape armature.

Then I slabbed epoxy over the blue tape liberally.

After that, it’s just about shaping and more shaping. I use different tools depending on the day and the horse and whether or not Venus is in the sixth house. These were my favored tools of the day:

As I sculpt, I use water (some people use rubbing alcohol) on a smooth brush to go over the sculpting and smooth out any harsh lines. Here is his new hirsute look:

I’m very pleased with his new do, so pleased in fact that I went on a put a mane on my running pony too, because I felt like I was in a good groove. And next up… adding feathers! This is gonna be a very hairy guy.

4 responses to “Sleipnir Gets Hairy

  1. WOW! This guy looks so….um…cool? LOL!!!:D

  2. WOW! This guy is awesome!!

  3. I love this project! :D You found the ideal models to merge, too, the legs look really nice together.

    • Thanks! Sarah and I spent a long time debating the different models. There are so many to choose from, even when you limit the scale!

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