Splitting a Schleich in Half

…is honestly a big pain in the butt, and a task I won’t be repeating if I can help it. But if you really must know, here’s how I did it.

Unlike Breyer and Peter Stone horses, which are made of hard plastic and hollow, Schleich horses (and similar brands) are made of a softer, more rubbery plastic, and they are solid. This makes is much harder to cut through them, because there is way more material to go through.

If you have a Jigsaw you should just skip all this and head to the tool box. But I only have a dremel, so that’s what I used.

The first thing I tried was using an abrasive metal brush tool to strip away plastic where I wanted the model to split. The brush is not very big, however, so although it works well against the rubbery plastic I could only make about a quarter inch dent into the horse.

I needed to somehow get rid of and/or weaken the plastic still firmly holding the middle of the horse together. So I got out a cutting bit…

and starting drilling holes through the remaining plastic (a straight up drill bit would work for this as well).

After drilling a bunch of holes all the way through the remaining plastic, it was weakened enough to pull apart.

You can see the “star” where I drilled through the middle:

The second model, for whatever reason, needed quite a few more holes drilled, but finally he too was able to be pulled apart.

I’m just glad that part of the Sleipnir project is over with and I’m on to the fun stuff now!

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