Upcoming Projects

Sleipnir may be getting the most press, but he’s not the only horse in progress. I’ve got a little herd of horses just about ready to be painted.

These two are getting their primer coats. The G3 Warmblood is a commission and will be a black appaloosa. The Roll resin will be a roany chestnut. He’s been kind of a pain to prep and prime- every layer brings out more little imperfections. But he’s getting there.

These ponies are all made of that rubbery plastic that sometimes gets sticky, so after they were fully primed they each got a couple coats of modge podge. That seals them so I won’t have an stickiness issues later. The Shetland (top) will be a chestnut pinto, the Dartmoor (middle) will be a black leopard British Spotted Pony, and the little Toob pony doesn’t have a color yet.

I should add that if you want to create the modge podge seal over the primed horse instead of over a finished paintjob, you’ll likely need to apply a layer of fixative (Dull Cote, Krylon Matte) to provide some tooth for the color to stick to.

I’m really excited to get painting. Sleipnir has a lot of little issues that need to be addressed first, but I’m hoping to start him with this batch. I have some cool ideas regarding his paint job.

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