Patches the Eight-Legged Horse

Sleipnir has a new nickname. Because he is made of so many parts, getting him fully prepped and smooth has been quite a task. Every time I look at him, I find new places that need filling and/or sanding. Last night I sat down and circled everything I could find that needed fixing.

Oy! I’ve got my work cut out for me. After some time with the sand paper and epoxy, he began to earn his new nickname, “Patches.”

It’s the rare epoxy-loosa!

Then I had some leftover epoxy (and time) so I made a bunch of ears for my collection. Ears don’t use much epoxy, so it seemed to take forever to go through my extra. But I used it up before it dried and now I have quick a few more ears for next time someone needs a transplant.

4 responses to “Patches the Eight-Legged Horse

  1. :lol: LOL on the ears! Hes starting to look great!

  2. Patches looks awesome! =D
    Any tips for making SM sized ears? I have a bit of trouble flaring the edges out.

    • I wish I did! They are pesky and if I’m not in the right mood I can’t do them at all. It you can’t get the edges to flair out at all, I would recommend using very thin epoxy but waiting to flair the ears until the basic ear has mostly cured. But don’t forget- I always have to set a kitchen timer. Another method is to shape the ears as best you can while wet and then shape them a little more when fully dry using needle files.

  3. It must be the 10th time I’ve read ‘Epoxy-loosa’, and it still makes me giggle!

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