Horse Show Extravaganza

Last weekend I attended not one but two exciting horse shows. First up was the Sunflower Stable Jumping Camp Show. The campers had been practicing their jumping all week and on Friday they jumped a full course in front of their proud families.

Before the show all the horses had to get dressed up in their finery. Cochise, like most of the horses, sported a braided mane. Each of the horses was also painted with a pretty butterfly and many wore ribbons too.

This course included cross bars and verticals.

And everyone finished with a “Look Ma, no hands!” over the cone jump.

After the show there were cookies for people and horses, and then all the horses went out into the big green pasture to graze. The Welsh Pony gelding Jupiter featured the most creative butterfly placement.

On Saturday we took the campers on a field trip to Inavale Farms for the cross-country segment of their yearly three day event.

The weather was intermittent and I wasn’t prioritizing the photography, but I did get some pictures of the amazing competitors.

It was wonderful to be able to walk around the fields and forests where the event was taking place. The courses were marked so you could stay out of people’s way while still getting a great view. Most of the time you heard the hoof beats thundering before you saw the horse.

The jumps came in all shapes and sizes, including this extremely narrow chevron.

We also got to catch some of the Novice show jumping, which also took place on Saturday. I particularly liked this few spot POA, who was helped to his 2nd place overall finish with a clean round over this colorful course.

Despite getting soaking wet and a bit sunburned (it’s June-uary in Oregon!) I had a fabulous time and can’t wait til next year. Hopefully I’ll make it to some more shows in between!

3 responses to “Horse Show Extravaganza

  1. lol at the butterfly. XD

    That sounds like a really good day out – loads of variety!

  2. I love the eventing pics! I have visited events in the past as trusty ground-personel for a friend and their horse and the atmosphere is always really special.

  3. Malia was so tickled that she made your blog! Glad our little show made the news!

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