Goodwill is My Oyster

When I moved to Portland after college I was excited to be within driving distance of my horse so I could ride more often. But even so, he’s an hour and a half away and I’ve only managed to visit him for the occasional casual ride. Those rides are lovely, but I have really been missing regular riding, where I can actually improve my skills and train my horse.

So, I decided last week to ride him every Sunday. Not only that, but I’ll start riding in a saddle again and really work on my (and his) jumping skills. I love riding and jumping bareback, but it doesn’t do much for my equitation, so it’s back in the saddle for me. I had a ball on Sunday riding and jumping with new excitement and purpose. Unfortunately I also took off several layers on skin on my inner calf where my jeans met the saddle.

I’d rather not wound myself on a weekly basis, so I decided I needed to get some breeches, and a pair of boots to replace my cruddy barn sneakers. But of course, cheapskate that I am, I didn’t want to run out and spend $100+ at the tack store. So I headed to Goodwill first.


These healed boots and a pair of breeches cost me only $14, and I found a little Breyer foal as an added bonus! With new breeches starting around $25 and boots around $40, I saved a nice bundle. Now I can spend that money on sushi and Dull Cote!

2 responses to “Goodwill is My Oyster

  1. Nice find!! Always great to save some $$ :D Have fun riding!

  2. Nice one! Bargains ftw!:D

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